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Gagan and Ed were brought in to help us audit our operations, technologies and practices to deliver a first-party data strategy and execution roadmap. Their knowledge in marketing technologies, data, media and strategy meant their work was thorough and helped us articulate business requirements and needs that were insight-driven and future-proof. It was clear throughout the process that both Gagan and Ed were incredibly dedicated and committed to delivering the best outcomes possible for Tourism NT, to the extent that they have become part of the team and have been brought on to do further work across the Tourism NT business.

Kristie Beattie, Director of Digital Marketing and Data Services

Insighten has been an essential partner in our journey towards elevating the digital experience and optimising our marketing investments at Westfund. They have consistently delivered actionable insights that have allowed us to make informed decisions and maximise the efficiency of our marketing campaigns. Their deep understanding of the health insurance industry has enabled us to tailor our strategies to better meet the needs of our customers. Their commitment to collaboration has meant they work seamlessly with our internal teams, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. This partnership approach has been instrumental in driving the success of our projects together.

Anna Maltabarow, Chief Customer Officer

Thank you for your valuable contribution to our evaluation. It was greatly appreciated by the whole panel, and you have helped set us up for success with our new implementation partner.

Joel Thirgood, Manager Digital Transformation

Insighten has successfully managed the CDP implementation process and delivered a 12-month backlog. The team interfaces well with the company and regularly attends weekly in-person and virtual meetings. Furthermore, they boasted knowledge and accessibility during the ongoing engagement.

Skye Murray, Head of Digital Performance

The team at Insighten bring a wealth of knowledge in marketing analytics and technologies to the table.  The team is proactive, commercially-minded and a great addition to any performance-focused marketing team.

Jake Falkinder, CMO

The Insighten team provided an excellent audit of our martech stack with helpful and practical recommendations. Gagan, Olga and Amanda are experts in their fields and have vast experience across businesses relevant to us so these recommendations have helped us form our future martech roadmap and prepare for the future which as most marketers can tell you is full of challenges!

Catalina Wilkinson, GM of TheMarketing

We intended to engage Insighten for an audit of our ad tech stack. Their knowledge of the CDP space was second to none and we brought them on for the RFP process. The Insighten team made sense of the complexities of our business, gaining domain knowledge that provided meaningful recommendations. Their contribution was extremely valued. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Tom Gilmour, Product Manager, AdTech

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Client Success

Media Attribution


Your Food Collective (YFC) is an online food delivery company, delivering fresh, locally & ethically sourced groceries right to consumers' doors.

YFC experienced strong growth in the last 2 years; as a result, increased its media spending in the digital channels, however, experienced a drop in profitability - mainly because of a lack of understanding of which media channel was impacting the bottom line. Cashflow was particularly important as they grew their distribution centres across the country.

We performed an assessment of the marketing mix, analysed the data capabilities, and built an attribution solution, customised to their business model and growth levers.

YFC experienced a 14% increase in profitability off the back of the recommendations provided.

MarTech Assessment


An organisation was undergoing digital transformation and required external MarTech expertise to support their RFP process, to evaluate the solution design and tech vendors proposed for the implementation of a new MarTech stack.
  • We helped the organisation review the RFP documentation; evaluated 12 different service providers and proposed MarTech & AdTech technologies
  • We participated in the presentation and panel debriefings
  • We participated in the evaluation panel scoring discussions
  • We reviewed and approved the evaluation report
The organisation successfully finalised an implementation partner and tech vendor within the timeframe and budget to fulfil its vision and growth aspirations in line with the business strategy.

We identify insights and opportunities

Our human-centred, data-driven solutions provide a competitive advantage for our clients while delivering on value for investment.

We achieve this through:

  • Full business assessment and strategic road mapping
  • Harnessing of data and technology to deliver insights to achieve the vision
  • Bespoke management to ensure ongoing operational excellence

We encourage and support clients in the implementation and training of internal teams to leverage these new insights and platforms, to scale and future-proof the organisation.

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